So sixty rašomasis stalas

  • So sixty rašomasis stalas

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    So sixty kolekcijos rašomasis stalas 

  • Features:
    - eco smart - desk top height adjustment according to the needs and age of a child; four levels: 53 cm/ 60 cm/ 67 cm /74 cm from the floor. This solution allows the desk to be used even at the preschool age
    - a desk stop so that items on the desk do not fall off-
    - equipped with an opening for cables to pass through
    - manufactured in accordance with the European safety standards and norms

    Dimensions (cm):
    height of the desk top: 53 cm/ 60 cm/ 67 cm /74 cm from the floor
    desk height incl. the stop: 96.5
    depth: 65
    width: 127,5
    top width:

    Materials and finishing:
    - high quality laminated board resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean
    - lacquered birch plywood

    The lacquers used as part of the production are safe for children, and certified in accordance with EN71/3

    white /birch

    Instruction for use:

    The furniture should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth dampened with water or a furniture care product.

    The furniture is delivered in packages for self-assembly. Detailed assembly instructions are provided in the packages along with the equipment.  

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